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Easter Eggs, Easter basket Gift ideas for adults, Childrens, Kids

Easter Eggs: Easter Eggs are also named as Paschal Eggs which means decorated eggs which are often used on Easter festival or given on springtime. Generally, these Easter eggs or observed during the Easter Season, These Easter eggs are designed in a way according to the old traditions and dyed or painted chicken eggs, Now-a-days these decorated Easter eggs are being replaced by chocolate eggs which are wrapped in a colourful foil or plastic eggs which are made of chocolate.

Easter Eggs List, Easter basket Gift ideas for adults, Childrens, Kids

Easter Egg

What is an Easter Egg? Why do color Easter Eggs and hide them?

Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, from which lord Jesus Christ resurrected. Also there is tradition that colored red easter eggs resembles the blood of Jesus christ. On this day people will make colorful easter eggs and hidden for children to trace them, An easter egg roll is held on the gardens on this day, everyone will start decorating easter eggs at their indoors and decorated with colored eggs, paper trims and ligts. 
Easter Eggs

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Egg was symbol for the rebirth of the earth in the spring season, Easter egg resembles the tomb from which the lord Jesus christ arose. 

Why do we hunt Easter Eggs?

Making custom eggs on easter is like celebrating a new life, Christians remembered the day of Jesus arise after dying on the cross, rose from the dead. Which proved life could win over death. 
Easter Egg

Chocolate Easter Egg
Chocolate Easter Egg

Easter basket Gift ideas for adults, Childrens, Kids:

 Easter basket Gift ideas
1) Sidewalk chalk

2) Markers

3) Fun colored paper

4) Notepads

5) Stamps
6) Stickers
7) Hair accessories (barrettes, clips, colored elastics)
8) Small purse
9) Board books
10) Water gun
11) Water balloons
12) Frisbee
13) Beach Towel
14) Sunglasses
15) Flip flops
16) Sandbox toys
17) Gardening tools
18) Vegetable seeds
19) Bug catching box
20) Watercolor paints
21) Painting smock (Ikea has great ones!)
22) Puzzles
23) Travel game
24) Giant Bouncy Ball
25) Dress-up clothes
26) Lip gloss
27) Bubble Bath
28) Bath Fizzy
29) Nail Polish
30) Small Rubber Animals
31) Cars
32) Small Race Track
33) Legos
34) Pool toy
35) Mad Libs
36) Apron
37) Play food (felt or wood is fun)
38) Cookie cutters
39) Fun cup or Sippy cup
40) Play dough
41) Gak
42)  Glow in the dark bands
43) Swimming Goggles
44) Bubble gun
45) Bike Accessories (helmet, knee pads, streamers, etc)
46) ITunes gift card
47) ABC Magnets
48) Mini Etch-a-sketch
49) Colorful Socks
50) Kite


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